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Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Deodorant Spray


The top note of BOSS Bottled is dominated by zesty citrus fruits. The delicate aromas of sweet cinnamon and masculine sandalwood then begin to come through after a short while. Thanks to the addition of vetiver, BOSS Bottled has a timeless and dynamic character that ensures a really masculine and refreshing fragrance experience. The Deodorant Spray by HUGO BOSS prevents the build-up of unpleasant odours, allowing you to enjoy an invigorating fresh feeling.

The fragrances in the BOSS Black range are characterised by their masculine radiance. Each fragrance by Hugo Boss has an unmistakeable scent that provides its wearer with a highly masculine and dominant feeling. However, the fragrance also has a sophisticated and modern feel to it too. The Deodorant Spray by HUGO BOSS is perfectly suited as a product for you to use in the morning, or to provide quick refreshment after playing sport. Let yourself be inspired by an accomplished fragrance with a truly masterful character of its own!

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  • 150ml