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Hugo Boss Alive Bath & Shower Gel


The fragrance of BOSS Alive is an aromatic woody ode to the self-confident woman. Inspired by the self-confidence of modern women, accomplished perfumer Annick Menardo created a contemporary fragrance with a fascinatingly lively aura. Strength and soft notes combine to create a unique homage to feminine energy. Blackcurrant, apple and plum are found in the fruity top note. In the heart note, a combination of Indian jasmine samba and thyme beguiles, before the warm base note of olive wood, sandalwood, Chinese cedar and vanilla absolute takes over. Feel alive and start the day with radiant femininity and positive energy – with the new Perfumed Bath & Shower Gel by Hugo Boss.

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  • 200ml

Fruity Woody
Notes: Plum, Vanilla, Jasmine, Apple.